In 1997, over 50 years after its formation, 8 Championships and one World Champion (Gary Havelock – 1992) later, speedway racing in Bradford was suspended after Bradford City Council refused to renew Bradford Dukes Speedway Club's lease at Odsal.  The lease was renewed annually but in 1997 a new National Stadium was being sought to replace the aging Wembley Stadium.  Bradford City Council had plans to support a bid to bring the National Stadium to Bradford and a proposal and application was made to redevelop Bradford’s Odsal Stadium and surrounding area and to replace it with a new Superdome Sporting Complex.  Although this would cater for rugby league and the Bradford Bulls it effectively ended the future of speedway in Bradford.
The Superdome application was later rejected and the redevelopment plans were scrapped.  However, Bradford Council refused to assist the Bradford Dukes in returning to Odsal or finding an alternative site and has continued to reject subsequent requests since.

Speedway popularity, thanks to Sky television, has increased at an incredible rate and it is now the 3rd most televised sport in the UK.  Crowd numbers and gate receipts have multiplied, massive television revenue has pumped funds back into the sport and the clubs.  Speedway has missed Bradford and Bradford has missed speedway.  Bradford City Council are boasting funds of £3billion for the redevelopment and modernisation of Bradford, its mission statement to put Bradford back on the map and to give something for the people of Bradford to be proud of.  If local economic stability, prosperity, entertainment and morale are high on the agenda of the council then why not revive one of speedways top clubs which had some of the best riders and one of the best race tracks in the world.  Why won’t they help? Thousands of fans would return and the city would have a club to be proud of.  Eight times Champions, a World Champion, host to World Speedway Finals and numerous Grand Prix events, Bradford Speedway and the Bradford Dukes have been an essential commodity to Bradford and the council have let them down. Although Bradford Council own Odsal Stadium, the Bradford Bulls now hold a long term lease on the stadium and ultimately would have to agree to the return of speedway to Odsal. If the Bulls refuse then an alternative site will have to be found.

Now we need your support!  If you are local and want to see speedway return to Bradford or whether you are fans from other clubs and countries, please help us to show Bradford City Council why speedway should return to Bradford and why it is so important to the City.

Thank you for your support