Bradford Barons

1974 - 1975

1974 saw yet another name change with Barons replacing Northern as Alan Knapkin began his first full season in charge. He also sought and obtained special dispensation from the sports governing body to resume riding, but after a number of good results it was suddenly withdrawn on 16th June. On 17th July it was announced that the promoting rights had been sold again, this time to Shipley newsagent and long time speedway fan Jim Streets. At the end of the season the team once again finished in 7th position.

In 1975 Division Two was renamed the New National League. The crowd levels continued to fall, especially following the introduction of stock cars and the resulting damage to the track. Even the return of Alan Knapkin to the team on 25th June didn’t greatly improve the situation as once again the team finished in 7th position. It was therefore of little surprise that shortly after the Barons had defeated Stoke and Mildenhall in a double header on 1st October it was announced that speedway would not take place at Odsal in 1976. It would be another 10 years before speedway came back to Bradford.

Leading riders:
Alan Knapkin, Tony Featherstone, Colin Meredith, Mick Fairbairn, Steve Wilcock, Mike Fielding, Tony Boyle, Dave Baugh